Tiny puzzle game made in a few hours for the discord jam #5.

Apply mutations to DNA to match the target.

Controls: Arrow keys and C/V

Known issues:

  • Levels generated are usually too easy and can be solved without using all the mutations offered.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, dna, jam, mutations, PICO-8, Pixel Art


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make the very hard and extreme much more difficult than they are they are far to easy

Yep, I'm planning on doing this, but for the game jam, I was a bit short on time ;)

oh makes sense im also typically good at these types of puzzeles


This game is fun, may I suggest adding a score value for the end of each round? :D


Thanks for the suggestion. I think of adding a time spend to complete the level :)

Can you also add number of left over moves as a factor too?

I might try to generate levels where you will always have to use all moves...

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But why? It's nice to find out that you didn't need to use all the moves to solve the puzzle. Right?

Edit: Maybe you could also add a time limit?


I struggled for so long on... medium mode :( this is a really cool game! love the music!


I had such a great time playing this game, I decided to show my dedication by making an funny, fully edited video of my playthrough! I really enjoyed playing this!

Full continuation of review below ↓ 

I found this game as I was going through other games for the Discord Jam and the art/thumbnail seemed lighthearted enough; no shooting, or constant maneuvering, or horror, etc. I'm so glad I did! 

It's rare that I actually take the time to play a puzzle game and not give up within the first couple minutes. Admittedly, I'm not the smartest when it comes to solving them but the bright visuals and bouncy music really cheered me up. I needed that. 

I realize the auto-generated levels are unarguably, too easy, and it would be more of a challenge if they were more difficult, but this game is just short enough and requires just the right amount of skill for anyone, especially filthy casuals such as myself, to have a fun time. 


Thanks a lot for your review! Your video was a lot of fun, your enthusiasm made me laugh ;)


Cool! Not too challenging, and is fun in general.


Ah, cool!


Oooooh I really love this one! Gives me childhood feels


WOW! Great Pico-8! Are the levels pre-made or auto-generated? If the latter, WOOOAHHHHH thats really well made!

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Thanks for your message. Levels are auto-generated. And that's why they're not as great as I wished...


dude what do you mean? OUY FRIKIN MADE AUTO GEN LEVELS IN A GAME JAM! And different difficulties to be generated! thats amazing!


Fun and cute. I wish it could get harder.


Yo, this is awesome! Best submission I've played so far.


I love the biological background. How its based on real life biology with DNA code and mRNA and crap I cant remember from school.